Patchwork Wool Jacket

Patchwork Jacket by Corridor



The Patchwork Wool Jacket by Corridor. Do you need a Patchwork Wool Jacket for your fall and wintering needs? I mean, no one needs this jacket - in the literal sense - just like you didn’t need to see the last 30 movies that you saw - but they gave your life a sense of color and fun and jubilation and that’s why life is worth living - not to just eat off-brand cereal and move through life like a cow chewing cud.

Vibrancy, joy - these are things worth living for and if you’re considering this jacket then you probably already know this and then maybe you do need this jacket. This is all a bit overwrought and arm-chair philosophizing but that’s what makes clothes so much fun and this is a fun jacket. Regardless, the Patchwork Wool Jacket is a custom milled 100% wool made in Portugal and then tailored in India. 

  • 100% Wool - Shetland