Van Palma

Navy Grey Ulysse Hat


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The first hat to be worn over the shoulder: the Ulysses.

It's the novelty of the season and we love it. Its chain is multi-functional: it allows it to be worn like a bag, or we can differentiate the gold-plated chain from the hat by removing it and wearing it like a pretty piece of jewelry.

The Ulysse Navy Grey - Gold plated jewel with clasp - Hat that can be worn over the shoulder - Jewel that can be removed and worn as a necklace.

  • Hat made and customized in France 

  • 100% wool felt

  • Brim width of about 8cm

  • Head height of 10 cm

  • Waterproofing treatment

  • Sold with size reducer


Le Ulysse Navy Grey - Different Colors - Gold Plated Jewelry - Use it like a necklace or with the hat like a bag.

  • 100% Made in France

  • 100% Wool

  • 8cm width

  • 10cm Height

  • Water repellent

  • Sold with size reducer

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