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Zee Chew and Ariel Hujar

Tom-boys at heart with a love for fashion and nature. Meeting and connecting in beachy Santa Barbara, California, the two decided to combine their dreams and aesthetics to create Whiskey + Leather- a clothing boutique that stands out from the crowd. Their lifestyle brand carries an eclectic, relaxed inventory of clothing, shoes, and goods for both men and women. Whiskey + Leather atmospherically takes its visitors to a unique place not typically seen in a sunny, Southern California beach town.




Jessie G.

Jess W.

Laura G.

Kristen N.


Photography by Taylor Habig


1101 Coast Village Rd, Suite A
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

(805) 770-5155

Monday   10AM–6PM
Tuesday   10AM–6PM
Wednesday   10AM–6PM
Thursday   10AM–6PM
Friday   10AM–6PM
Saturday   10AM–6PM
Sunday   10AM–5PM