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Earrings are a girl's best friend. At Whiskey, we have you covered with earrings all shapes and sizes for any occasion. From classy gold studs to trendy dangly posts, take your look up a notch with our jewelry.

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Silver Tassle Earrings
Double Disco EarringsDouble Disco Earrings
Mocha Disco Earrings
Purple Disco EarringsPurple Disco Earrings
Silver Disco EarringsSilver Disco Earrings
Red Disco EarringsRed Disco Earrings
Pink Disco EarringsPink Disco Earrings
Sold outShell Drop Earrings
Groovy Eye EarringsGroovy Eye Earrings
Silver Shishi HoopsSilver Shishi Hoops
Sold outSuzy EarringsSuzy Earrings
Rye Goods
Suzy Earrings Sale price34.00
Lilah EarringsLilah Earrings
Rye Goods
Lilah Earrings Sale price34.00
Boucle EarringsBoucle Earrings
Rye Goods
Boucle Earrings Sale price38.00
Sold outMini Star EarringsMini Star Earrings
Bam Bamboo Hoops
Rye Goods
Bam Bamboo Hoops Sale price36.00
Alba Hoops
Rye Goods
Alba Hoops Sale price36.00
Norah HoopsNorah Hoops
Rye Goods
Norah Hoops Sale price36.00
Rome HoopsRome Hoops
Rye Goods
Rome Hoops Sale price38.00
Sold outRumor Hoops
Rye Goods
Rumor Hoops Sale price36.00
North Star Studs
Rye Goods
North Star Studs Sale price36.00
Diamond Heart Studs
Willie StudsWillie Studs
Rye Goods
Willie Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outCavalier StudsCavalier Studs
Rye Goods
Cavalier Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outDevon StudsDevon Studs
Rye Goods
Devon Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outGlitz Evil Eye Studs
Western Studs
Rye Goods
Western Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outDogwood Silver Studs
Gwen HoopsGwen Hoops
Rye Goods
Gwen Hoops Sale price42.00
Burns Hoops
Rye Goods
Burns Hoops Sale price36.00
Ame Cross StudsAme Cross Studs
Rye Goods
Ame Cross Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outThree Heart Earrings
Sold outHill HoopsHill Hoops
Rye Goods
Hill Hoops Sale price36.00
Braven Hoops
Rye Goods
Braven Hoops Sale price36.00
Sold outPepper Hoops
Rye Goods
Pepper Hoops Sale price36.00
Sold outLily Studs
Rye Goods
Lily Studs Sale price36.00
Sold outRex HoopsRex Hoops
Rye Goods
Rex Hoops Sale price30.00
Sold outDisco Star EarringsDisco Star Earrings
Tony HoopsTony Hoops
Rye Goods
Tony Hoops Sale price55.00
Frenchy HoopsFrenchy Hoops
Rye Goods
Frenchy Hoops Sale price55.00
Sold outDrop Heart HoopsDrop Heart Hoops
Rye Goods
Drop Heart Hoops Sale price34.00
Luke HoopsLuke Hoops
Rye Goods
Luke Hoops Sale price36.00
Sold outDiamond HoopsDiamond Hoops
Rye Goods
Diamond Hoops Sale price42.00
Jonny HoopsJonny Hoops
Rye Goods
Jonny Hoops Sale price36.00
Billy Earrings
Rye Goods
Billy Earrings Sale price38.00
Hoops with inserted Pearl
Mother Pearl Classic Earings
Gold Rendezvous EarringsGold Rendezvous Earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings