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Earrings are a girl's best friend. At Whiskey, we have you covered with earrings all shapes and sizes for any occasion. From classy gold studs to trendy dangly posts, take your look up a notch with our jewelry.

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Bow Studs
Rye Goods
Bow Studs Sale price34.00
Heart Studs
Rye Goods
Heart Studs Sale price36.00
Trois Diamond Studs
Micah Hoops
Rye Goods
Micah Hoops Sale price38.00
Moony Studs
Rye Goods
Moony Studs Sale price34.00
Oceano Hoops
Rye Goods
Oceano Hoops Sale price46.00
Selah Hoops
Rye Goods
Selah Hoops Sale price38.00
Pearly Heart Earrings
Nell Hoops
Rye Goods
Nell Hoops Sale price38.00
Lina Hoops
Rye Goods
Lina Hoops Sale price36.00
Noa Hoops
Rye Goods
Noa Hoops Sale price34.00
Grace Diamond Hoops
Royce Hoops
Rye Goods
Royce Hoops Sale price34.00
Hexy Earrings
Rye Goods
Hexy Earrings Sale price36.00
Ojai Hoops
Rye Goods
Ojai Hoops Sale price34.00
Hardy Hoops
Rye Goods
Hardy Hoops Sale price34.00
Textured Heart Studs
Isolde Hoops
Rye Goods
Isolde Hoops Sale price42.00
Lila Studs
Rye Goods
Lila Studs Sale price40.00
Seraphina Earrings
Diamond Somerset Studs
Red Cowgirl Boot Earrings
White Cowgirl Boot Earrings
Black Cowgirl Boot Earrings
Flame Hoops
Rye Goods
Flame Hoops Sale price40.00
Willa Hoops
Rye Goods
Willa Hoops Sale price42.00
Diamond Crossy Studs
Diamond Horseshoe Studs
Gold Baby Studs
Rye Goods
Gold Baby Studs Sale price21.00
Pearl Poet Earrings
Gold Helios Earrings
Sold outGold Midas Hoops
Rye Goods
Gold Midas Hoops Sale price36.00
Sold outGold Valentine Earrings
Sold outDiamond Dizzy Earrings
Sold outDiamond Chain Earrings
Mini Gold Daisy Jones
Silver Daisy Jones HoopsSilver Daisy Jones Hoops
Silver Boucle Earrings
Pearl Chain Earrings
Double Disco EarringsDouble Disco Earrings
Mocha Disco Earrings
Purple Disco EarringsPurple Disco Earrings
Silver Disco EarringsSilver Disco Earrings
Red Disco EarringsRed Disco Earrings
Pink Disco EarringsPink Disco Earrings
Silver Shishi HoopsSilver Shishi Hoops
Lilah EarringsLilah Earrings
Rye Goods
Lilah Earrings Sale price34.00
North Star Studs
Rye Goods
North Star Studs Sale price36.00