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Lisa Smith

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Aleshani CharmAleshani Charm
Lisa Smith
Aleshani Charm Sale price172.00
Sold outAngel Coin Necklace
Sold outAra Necklace
Lisa Smith
Ara Necklace Sale price379.00
Arabella NecklaceArabella Necklace
Lisa Smith
Arabella Necklace Sale price325.00
Ares CharmAres Charm
Lisa Smith
Ares Charm Sale price198.00
Arielle NecklaceArielle Necklace
Lisa Smith
Arielle Necklace Sale price325.00
Brooke NecklaceBrooke Necklace
Lisa Smith
Brooke Necklace Sale price389.00
Canes Necklace
Lisa Smith
Canes Necklace Sale price339.00
Cassiopeia Necklace
Cepheus NecklaceCepheus Necklace
Lisa Smith
Cepheus Necklace Sale price389.00
Cia Necklace
Lisa Smith
Cia Necklace Sale price526.00
Cleobella Necklace
Hoops with inserted Pearl
Sold outHorn Gold Necklace
Sold outHorn Pearl Necklace
Large Rope ChainLarge Rope Chain
Lisa Smith
Large Rope Chain Sale price700.00
Lisa NecklaceLisa Necklace
Lisa Smith
Lisa Necklace Sale price646.00
Marina CharmMarina Charm
Lisa Smith
Marina Charm Sale price253.00
Mother Pearl Classic Earings
Mother pearl drop gold hoop earingsMother pearl drop gold hoop earings
Oval Link ChainOval Link Chain
Lisa Smith
Oval Link Chain Sale price350.00
Rio Necklace
Lisa Smith
Rio Necklace Sale price232.00
Sold outRolo ChainRolo Chain
Lisa Smith
Rolo Chain Sale price350.00
Sold outSmall Spike ChainSmall Spike Chain
Lisa Smith
Small Spike Chain Sale price355.00
Spike Chain
Lisa Smith
Spike Chain Sale price310.00
White Chain Gold Horn NecklaceWhite Chain Gold Horn Necklace
White Chain Pearl Necklace
Sold outZelayah Charm
Lisa Smith
Zelayah Charm Sale price172.00