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Don’t know what to get your loved ones for christmas? Instead of scrambling last minute for a gift that might not suit them, try using our gift guide to get your loved ones the best gift without breaking the bank!
Let’s get started…
☆ For mother: ☆
What mom doesn’t love a nice accessory here or there? A statement necklace or even a beautiful bag could be the perfect gift for a mother who enjoys the nice things in life! But, if you’ve got a mom who favors home decor a bit more, why not try out some candles or a piece of artwork!
☆ For father: ☆
It is notoriously hard to shop for dads (or at least my dad anyway…), but that’s nothing a good glass of whiskey can’t fix ;). Get your dad the gift of personalized shot glasses, a nice bar set, or even a book on how to fix up some cocktails for the holidays! If your father isn’t so much into that, try gifting him a nice book on whatever his interest may be: cars, golf, surfing, etc!
☆ For sister: ☆
Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, so why not gift the perfect pair to your loving sister! Piece some sunnies with a beautiful pair of earrings and you’ve got your sister’s gift ready!

☆ For brother: ☆
If your brother is anything like mine, then some organization in their life wouldn’t hurt! Gift them a nice wallet or new pair of clean sneakers and they’ll surely be grateful!
☆ For the grandparents: ☆ 
Finally, the last gifts on your list! A good unique antique piece of decor for your grandparents will not only be a thoughtful gift, but maybe also one to make them reminisce and bring back the good ole days.
So what are you waiting for? Get your shopping on and gift your family presents that are both unique and thoughtful!
Happy holidays from yours truly,
Whiskey & Leather xoxo

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