What's New With Mumu? Come Check It Out!

With fall now coming in full swing, it's time to swap our beloved jean shorts and tanks for warmer layers, pants and sweaters. If you find yourself in need of new transitional pieces, jackets or just a pick-me-up, continue below as we highlight one of our favorite brands Show Me Your MuMu!

Show Me Your Mumu was started by two women with a dream. Both sharing a common past of buying oversized shirts and clothing, they knew that they wanted to create a product where they could get the same comfy feeling but also feel feminine.

Working tirelessly in their New York City apartment, one night the idea of reinventing the mumu was born. Cologne and Cammy could not stop talking about this idea and when they called their friend to share, he exclaimed "I love it! Show me your mumu!"  Right then and there, the brand was born. 

Known for their flowy yet flattering products, Mumu is beloved by all. Ranging from blouses, dresses and my favorite, seasonal clothing lines perfect for this upcoming fall, Mumu has got you covered.

Be sure to check out more of their products on our website or to come into either one of our locations! 

Until next week, cheers!



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