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Article: Brand Spotlight: Show Me Your MUMU

Brand Spotlight: Show Me Your MUMU

Brand Spotlight: Show Me Your MUMU


We are so fortunate to be able to have the brand Show Me Your MUMU in our stores. Their pieces are one of our many fan-favorites! We can always count on them to fill our store with fun holiday themed pieces like Valentine's day heart shirts or oversized naughty or nice Christmas sweaters that will last a lifetime. 

Show me your mumu Sweetheart Sweater

The story behind the MUMU girls is incredibly inspirational. The creators Cammy and Cologne packed up their UC Berkeley closets and set their sights on New York City to pursue their dreams in the fashion industry. While having full time jobs, they created Show Me Your MUMU by originally stretching out large t-shirts and wearing them as dresses. However, they realized that something was missing from their product....


Flash forward to the present day and Show Me Your MUMU has expanded from a small apartment to 6 office spaces! Their brand is known for it's feminine revamp of the beloved mumu. The MUMU gals also employe over 80% women and encourage their supporters to come and join the fun. Their store motto is "life is fun, your clothes should be too!" We couldn't agree more!


Stop in today to see our newest MUMU selection! We have oversized sweaters, incredibly comfortable going out pieces and leopard print galore! Here are some of our favorite pieces that we have in stock below!

If you're looking for oversized sweaters, check out the... 

Show me your mumu Tossed Leopard Hug Me Sweater

If you're looking for that perfect, unique, date night dress check out the...

Show me your mumu Outlaw Dress Tide

Finally, if you've been dreaming about the perfect blouse for Spring, look at the...

Show me your mumu Rivington Top Darling Ditsy

We hope to see you soon and help you find your next MUMU piece! Happy shopping!




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