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Article: Organic Brands Spotlight!

Organic Brands Spotlight!

Organic Brands Spotlight!

We love our organic brands! 

In a world where our environmental impact matters more than ever, it's always great to have organic options available. If you love to shop sustainably, look no further than the amazing organic brands we carry in both of our locations! With a wide array of styles, we have a little something for everyone!

1) Spell and the Gypsy (all items) 

Beginning the fifth year of their sustainable journey, the founders have made a dedication not only to the future of their brand but to the future of the environment. With their customers unwavering support, Spell and the Gypsy has been incorporating more sustainable fibers into their clothing. By working closely under the guidelines of People, Planet and Profit and using data to track their sustainability efforts, Spell is on the path to becoming a more sustainable brand each year. Check out some of their beautiful pieces below!

Spell & the Gypsy Rae Blouse

Spell & the Gypsy Anne Maxi Skirt Peach

Spell & the Gypsy Sundown Romper


2) Cleobella (all items)

Cleobella is a globally known for their pieces that "embrace the soul in everything". Inspired by their travels, the founders have created sustainable products that uplift the cultures and artisans who make them. By using traditional tools such as weaving and dying, Cleobella aims to preserve the art of diverse cultures. In our store we carry some of their beautifully crafted dresses, blouses, bags and more. Check out their amazing products below:

Cleobella Amarills Blouse

Cleobella Rainbow Weekender

Cleobella Ryker Ankle Dress


3) Repeat (select items)

Organic cashmere? Say less. Repeat is one of our staple brands. These soft sweaters will last a lifetime filled with comfort and endless wear. These sweaters add an effortlessly chic component to any outfit. With Repeat's GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which guarantees that the materials used are organically sourced through sustainable production processes, they are on the right track to producing more sustainable products. Below are a few of our favorite organic pieces that we carry:

Repeat Pistache Organic Pullover

Repeat- Pistache Organic Pullover

Repeat Ivory Organic Pullover

Repeat Navy Organic Pullover 


There you have it! A trifecta brand spotlight on our organic brands! Hope to see you all soon and happy shopping!



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