Brand Spotlight: Spell

Okay, who doesn't love bohemian dresses, blouses or skirts? The brand Spell has it all! 

Originally started by two young sisters with a dream, the brand idea began in Byron Bay, Australia. Picking up steam and inspiration as they grew, they began developing patterns and products to embody their whimsical childhood. Delicate lace, beautiful pastels or touches or floral can be found in each peace that was crafted for their cliental. What started in Australia has now expand to a worldwide operation. 


Along the way, Spell has always been environmentally aware. They are proud to have programs in place that drive social and environmental change. Additionally, Spell works with local craft makers to continue their handcrafting tradition around the world. If it doesn't sound like it can get any better, Spell also uses sustainable fabrics that generate less of a carbon footprint compared to other companies. Their goal is to continue to decrease their negative environmental impact annually. Who doesn't love adorable clothes and an environmentally sustainable company?!

If this brand sounds like it is up your alley, continue below for images of what we have in our Santa Barbara and San Diego locations!


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