Still Deciding What To Wear To Easter Brunch? We got you!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! With the revival of dresses, the blossoming of flowers and the sweet spring breeze in the air, it truly doesn't get better than this. If you are like me, and maybe most other people, I didn't even know that it was March! This may seem somewhat concerning but let's not dwell on that!

As Easter quickly approaches, take a look at our top pieces that will make you the envy of any Easter brunch!

Did someone say adorable and sustainable? Our Cleobella dresses are both! These beautifully made pieces are unique and the perfect take on a modern boho dress. In addition, with the creators moving in a more sustainable direction for clothing production, having an item is a win for you and the environment!

Click on any photo to shop your favs...

The Ryker Ankle Dress

The Valentin Ankle Dress

Ranging in colors and styles, you can't go wrong with a classic blouse. Utilizing their Australian base, this brand produces relaxing, feel-good clothes to fit the perfect vacation vibe. Because why can't every day feel like a holiday?

Cali Blouse in Citron

Cali Blouse in Black

Lenny Knit Set

Feeling more of a comfortable look? Our Repeat sweaters are right for you. Ranging from scoop to v-neck, these pieces will elevate any bottoms you pair them with. Who doesn't love cashmere or a blend?

Cashmere Pullover Pistache

Cashmere Poncho Rose

Any Van Palma or Lack of color hat will take your outfit to the next level. These pieces will truly elevate any look. Lined with a comfortable interior, you seriously won't want to take your hat off all day long. Van Palma pieces are also made of water repellent materials so you can wear them rain or shine!

Carlo Rancher

Ulysse Black Hat

I am obsessed with these necklaces. Using 14k gold chains, each necklace is a modern take on a classic family heirloom. Ranging from fans with beautifully encrusted gems to stunning diamond keys, any one of these pieces will add the perfect sparkle to any outfit. This year sparkle IS the strategy.

Blessed Necklace

Glenda Necklace

There you have it! Our top Easter pieces! Let us know which ones are your favorite!




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